TV Revolution or Evolution?

Recently, Google’s EMEA president, Matt Brittin, presented the research report ‘The (Entertainment) Revolution will not be televised’ at Adweek Europe. It said that YouTube advertising delivered a 50% higher ROI than TV.

The message was clear from Matt: YouTube is the way forward for clients. While nearly everyone is moving to maximise digital, a lot of column inches have been generated over who trumps (Donald Trump, surely?) who in the video media battle. But is there really such a conflict?

Lots of brands see the smart way forward by using different tactics together. It’s not just a case of how you advertise, but when. In Shakespeare’s anniversary year, we hope our blessed bard can forgive us by borrowing his adage that “Timing is everything”. For example, combining YouTube with short TV spots can be more engaging than one tactic alone.

When we designed our own platform, which allows brands to place ads on documents printed by students, we recognised that our app could complement the physical impression activity with a digital offering via our app. In turn, this can be supported by any TV or YouTube advertising from our clients.

However the digital tide washes with video, an evolution might be a more fitting phrase than a revolution.


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