Student Review by Keely Raynor

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Author: Keely Raynor

We are happy to share a student review by Keely Raynor form Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Read Keely’s experience with Aiwip posted on her blog:


Hi guys, so this is a post all about how students can get free printing, and you are probably thinking what my initial reaction also was…’this must be a con’, well surprisingly it isn’t as I have personally tried and tested it.
Basically, there is an app called ‘Aiwip’ which you can download for free onto your mobile phone, and in return all you have to put up with is a subtle advert banner at the bottom of each page you print. That means that it is perfect for printing off notes, and another thing that I found it perfect for was printing off pictures to stick on my wall, as I just placed them all in a word document and then cut them out (trust me, it’s a great way to keep homesickness at bay).

So, I am going to explain to you how Aiwip works courtesy of their blog…

“Look for Aiwip printers at your university campus. Download the Aiwip app and upload documents you wish to print. Stand in the proximity of 5 metres within your Aiwip printer and print.” -Yes, it really is that easy.

Aiwip is currently available at several universities, and will very shortly be coming to my university- Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge, which I cannot wait for- as I have to pay 5p every time I want to print something and 10p if I want it in colour, which can really add up when you need to print off an epic poem which is 3000 lines long (I am not over-exaggerating there, Beowulf is a very long poem).
So yeah guys, I think you should check out whether Aiwip is available at your university as-well because it is definitely worth using as it is the perfect way to save yourself some money. Click here to be transported to their website!

PS: you should also check out Aiwip’s contest, all you have to do is like their facebook page and share one of their pictures with a quirky and creative caption, and then BAM you might win. Winners get announced every Monday morning, and the prize is an hour-long photo shoot, in which you will receive 10 professionally edited photographs.

Here’s the link:



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